Realize your Building's Potential

Commercial and industrial property owners benefit from measuring their building or unit’s energy use. BuildSense is an all-in-one solution that displays energy use, energy generation, net GHG emissions and intelligent recommendations on energy management through an efficiency tracker. Energy use monitoring feeds into a proprietary algorithm that provides intelligent suggestions on cost-effective building improvements and energy system upgrades. BuildSense connects to your utility usage data, smart thermostat, building management system (BMS) and energy generation devices in a simple and easy-to-use platform. Our predictive algorithms are constantly working to ensure your property is performing at its peak, and presenting you with the best savings opportunities possible along the way.


Our Approach

Commercial buildings are the ideal market to benefit from AI. They are significant energy consumers, and also happen to have limited ways of understanding how their buildings consume their energy, or why they use so much of it. The building owner has no easy way to know what’s happening in his building. For example, in a typical commercial building is it difficult to know that one air conditioner is using twice as much energy as the one across the hall, or that lights are on in rooms that no one uses, or even that one room is heating and cooling at the same time. Big buildings (greater than 200,000 sq ft) have big operating costs, and long term views. Many are large enough to be wisely operated by a team of people, who are in place to service, maintain, and operate the buildings. They also have larger programs to do improvements and manage paybacks. However, these buildings make up only 4% of our buildings. BuildSense fills in the gap by working primarily with buildings less than 200,000 sq ft.

TechnologyInternet of Things (IoT) & AIIoT, AI, and human knowledge
Building FocusLarge Buildings
>200,000 sq ft
Small Commercial Buildings
<200,000 sq ft
Data AnalysisSingle BuildingThousands of Buildings
Data OutcomeMonitor & VizMonitoring, Data Viz, and Benchmarking
Device RequirementsDevices required for all equipmentTargeted & tailored solution
Actionable OutcomesNotifications, automation and controlsContinuous Audit, Notifications, Controls, and Human Insights

How we Compare

Wondering how BuildSense compares to other analytic technologies? View the table to the side! BuildSense goes beyond providing generic notifications and outcomes. Using human insight and AI, our outputs are tailored to your building, and we ensure suggestions are meaningful and achievable in regards to cost savings and environmental benefit.


How it Works


Account Creation

Register your account and your building(s) with us.

Utility Price Check


Data Sharing & Permissions

Your data is valuable and it is important to protect. We take time to ensure we have your data sharing and permissions right.

Account Features & Functions

Here we work with you to ensure you pay for what you need and don't pay for what you won't use. Those that purchase their energy from our Utility partner will have access to free continuous meter data.

Account Setup and IoT Integration

Depending on the account you selected, we will set up your buildings and start delivering you energy efficiency insights.

Building and Portfolio Data

Your account will start accumulating valuable data, and clients will populate their building profiles with key attributes like equipment type/efficiency, occupancy, building envelope and operating and maintenance procedures. Desired local partners can be utilized to provide personal support to collect, organize, and develop this profile data.

Intelligent Advice & Local Support

AI -> IA - Your data starts to work for you! Based on your energy use and specific building attributes and archetype, the system compares your buildings to its peers and makes improvement recommendations with the highest environmental and financial return on investment. Local technical staff and auditors can be contacted via the system and provided with key data to streamline the analysis, design, and building operation.

Performance Management

Data provided to building operators and maintenance personnel allows for immediate savings. Information can be shared with tenants in real time to facilitate energy savings and they can compete with their neighbours for incentives, prizes, and bragging rights. When you're ready to take the next step and pursue energy savings retrofits, then BuildSense facilitates financing and government incentives, and streamlines the bidding and execution process with proven local contractors.
BuildSense provides actionable insights to lower costs and improve a building's value. It is a data platform and IoT solution of hardware, software, and cloud data. The platform is connected to digitized building assets, Big Data, and real-time visualizations.